Tuesday, 12 February 2013

daily battleground - the dinner table

As with his siblings at the same age, Jono's becoming increasingly difficult to feed at dinner time.  He's become adept at stocking up on food during the day, thus ensuring it doesn't matter where he eats dinner or not.  Lately we've had more of the 'not' and I've put my foot down.  No dinner means going straight to bed, no matter what the time!  Last night, this meant about 5.30pm, but he did actually settle down and go to sleep, so it wasn't too much of a drama.  And today, just now, he's eaten last night's dinner - not that he knows it...

I took the rejected pasta, veges and delicious salmon fillet then whizzed them up with an egg, some cheese, milk, polenta and self-raising flour and turned them in to mini omelettes.  My next trick was to sit the plate in front of me and pretend it was my own lunch.  Jono fell for it hook, line and sinker.  He claimed the plate by about the fifth mouthful and polished it off.

This round goes to mum!