Thursday, 21 February 2013

amateur archivist or hoarder?

My magazine collection has grown over the years as I've yearned for our own home.  I've gone through stages from the modernist homes of Dwell to homegrown classics in Country Style, Brit cool in Living Etc, bright and cheerful Real Living and 'when your heart is in the country', English Country Living.  Since moving in to the 33rd house, I've been able to arrange my magazines along the top row of my book shelf and have been amazed at how many there are - and I can't bear to throw any away.  I think of them as old friends and have to consider myself now as an amateur archivist, cataloguing trends of the 2000s, rather than a desperate hoarder who won't let things go.  How could I ever hand over those dog-eared pages, turned up at the corner with ideas to make or do?  Who else would appreciate the magazine covers styled just so?

And I'm not like the hoarders on TV, I promise!  In other areas of the home, I'm ruthless - and still have a lot to do.  But not the magazines, sorry, they're here to stay...


  1. I've some for you too, New Zealand House and Garden,,,,, happy hoarding, Mrs A