Monday, 25 February 2013

a good cup of tea

I go from one end of the day to the other, cup of tea in hand.  I'm like the quintessential coffee drinker, needing it to be just so, however I rarely bother drinking it in cafes as it's always so bad!  It is baffling that something so easy is so hard...  yes, I know - first world problems!  But for me - as with many others - a good cup of tea punctuates a busy day, gives a comma during breakfast, a full-stop at lunch time, then marks the end of the day with a gratifying exclamation mark (Actually, there are other cups bracketed in between those times, depending on how the day's going!).  It has to be from a pot or it doesn't count.  And full strength milk, because skim just isn't the same.  Not that I'm fussy, really!

PS My favourite is Robur's Green Signal - what's yours?


  1. Nothing like a cup of tea! For good times, bad times, a mini break, a break with a good book...and a nibble, perhaps an Anzac...or a chocolate! I always enjoy your cups of tea, especially as your Robur's Green Label doesn't taste as good here. Love Mrs A

    1. Hmm, it must be your water though, as it was always fine for us on the farm! V good with chocolate, had the rest of Lou's with Joe last night!

  2. Not long after I wrote the above comment I happened to see a quote which seemed to fit in with my thoughts, I am sure many others will agree with me!
    Heraux Bernard- Paul,(I have googled him/ her and found nothing!)
    'There is no troublesome great or so grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea.'
    How many of us have been helped by this simple act.