Sunday, 6 January 2013

what lay beneath

At the bottom of the wardrobe in our rental's spare room lay two very grotty carpet squares.  This morning as I was cleaning in preparation for our new tenant, I figured it would be more hygienic to throw them out and just have the bare boards exposed.  Much to my delight, I found these vintage lino strips!

Imagine how beautiful that floor would have been back in the day?  And where was it?  All through the house or just in this room?  We think the house was built around the 1930s, however haven't anything solid to back up this notion.  It was the time of Californian Bungalows though, so somewhere around there anyway.
This view gives you an idea of how the lino could have been laid.  The black paint in the corner of the cupboard featured around the edges of all the rooms and was very hard to get off.  It was called Black Japan and formed a decorative feature, much like a matboard on a picture frame.  I would like to think of it as Joe's nemesis, stubborn and not wanting to be removed.  Lots of grit and determination finally took it off - and by grit I mean hard sandpaper grit!  Is that a renovator's joke?!

And the lino?  I pulled it up and brought it home...  it was wasted in the bottom of the cupboard!

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