Tuesday, 8 January 2013

wacky races

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, however I'd like to think that motherhood necessitates invention...  The hot days are proving tedious as far as the school holidays and family entertainment goes.  The length of the kitchen/living room and the front hallway provide a long stretch of tiles perfect for wearing out children with an abundance of energy.  Perfect for say...  sliding races?!  The easiest seems to be when they're on their backs sliding along, although here you see Jono hitting a Hairy Maclary book and turning circles...
...  again and again....
... and again.  The race with the highest degree of difficulty is on their stomachs, it seems to slow them down a lot and draw out the time!

We've also played animal charades - just mimicking animal movements without any noises.  Some have proved easier than others.  Tom employed his encyclopaedic knowledge and tested us with obscure entries such as the Hercules Beetle and the Dung Beetle.  Obviously we lost!

How are you passing the time cooped up indoors?

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