Saturday, 12 January 2013


Jono was my smallest baby, so small compared to Tom and Soph that Joe had to buy new babygros to fit him.  It's hard to believe - looking at my big bruiser now - that he was once so small.  He was the most adorable baby - as they all were - and completed our family.  Actually, at the time, he was such a good baby we even considered four...  Then, that winter all of the kids were sick at the same time and we soon changed our minds.

I must admit I still feel the odd stirring when I'm around babies - as does Joe - but lately it just feels as though it would all be too hard.  While I'm on that roll, I've been boxing up all of our baby gear to hand on to someone else.  Quick, out of the house with it before I change my mind!

And away from the computer - these baby pics are making me clucky!

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