Thursday, 31 January 2013

thrifting at the tip (and more!)

Our favourite thing when we were little was to go to the tip with dad and see what we could find.  It's fast becoming a new weekend ritual in our house, now we know about the shed there with castoffs rejected by the op shop!  This cute coffee canister contains seeds with expiry dates of 2000!  I thought I would plant them and at least cut them back for compost if they don't grow any veges!
I'm in the middle of a bird cage obsession - not too developed yet, as this is only my second one!  I thought that with climbers growing through them - or something or other - I could start disguising our new colourbond fences...  I will let you know when I've worked out what to do with them.  I love the blue in this - the other one is multicoloured, faded yellow and white, so I will be brightening it up as well.
Does being given plants count as thrifting?  My friend hates the colour pink and I've been the beneficiary of two of her beautiful roses.  They are sitting in pots and haven't been very happy until now.  One of them is finally covered in buds - they've been pushed back along the fence line and are enjoying not having the harsh sun for the final afternoon hours.  I will eventually plant them out along the front garden...  when we finally have some better soil to plant in to...  which could be some time away!
And finally some collateral damage from my gardening exploits.  I over-filled the tyre on the wheelbarrow on the weekend and it exploded!  I hadn't been able to work out what psi to fill the tyre to, so I just kept going...  it seemed okay until I wheeled it away and was talking to Joe a few minutes later.  It was so loud, it was as though a car had backfired!  Woops!  I don't quite know how that will help the budget, the price of a new tyre unknown so far...  hopefully it won't tip the scales too far or we will be carrying things on our head!

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