Tuesday, 22 January 2013

the tree after christmas

A flurry of bills in the mail this week has reminded us to batten down the hatches, finance-wise.  This left me looking at a vase of dead lillies and wondering what I'd put in their place...  until I remembered the beautiful, snaking branches we'd pruned from the apricot tree over the weekend.  I saw tissue paper tied into bon bons and attached to branches in a home design magazine somewhere (if I find it, I will attribute it here later) and thought it was such a lovely, simple thing to do.  Sophie and I got busy this morning making one of our own, but with fabric.
It was a perfect task for Sophie's nimble little fingers, helping tie knots and cut the fabric - small pieces from my stash that needed something done with them.  It looks lovely nestled beside Kate's wall - and now with a family portrait painted by Soph in the background.  And to think, otherwise I might just have been tempted to buy a bunch of flowers!!  I can't wait to have my own in the garden that I can go and pick whenever I please.  Until then, this will be a great alternative - at least until it gets dusty!
Sophie was so impressed, she wanted one of her own.  I attached it to an adhesive hook on the wall, rather than trying to balance a vase anywhere and have it returned in one piece!  Her room is really getting its own stamp on it and she loves having so many pictures up now.  The one of her jumping off the wall is one of my favourites from a family holiday when Jono was a baby.  We had a week at the beach as autumn set in, but there were still a couple of warm days for the kids to paddle by the river.  I think it will be a long time before we have another such holiday again!

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