Friday, 4 January 2013

the renovation rules - number one

The past few weeks have been a marathon - if I look back over my blog posts, I'm sure I will find an endless string of similar comments.  There has been a physical and emotional toll from all this work and I'm so glad that today we should finally finish our renovations on our rental.  Joe's around there now painting and once he's done, I need to do a final clean (including the stove, ugh!) and one more coat of varnish on the floors in the other half of the house.  As it's going to rise towards - or climb over - 40 degrees today, I may well wait til later in the evening when the cool change is expected.
Despite the blood, sweat and tears, it is immensely satisfying to see the swan appear from this once ugly duckling.  The former colour scheme - and carpet circa 1950s - didn't do our rental any favours.  It now enjoys the neutral backdrop we've favoured in our own home.  The wooden floorboards of the living room and cork parquetry in the dining room look so warm against the stark white walls.

As time goes by, I will delve more into our renovation journey and bring you some of the many lessons we've learnt along the way.  Number 1, for today, is simple:

Double or triple your estimations of how long a job will take.

We thought we'd knock the painting over in a few days - this didn't allow for the slower, more tedious tasks such as hand painting doors, skirting boards and window frames.  It's been possible to use a roller everywhere else, but if we ever paint again...  oh wait... we've said never paint again!  Anyway I would recommend hiring a spray machine.  Better yet, find a painter!

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