Thursday, 17 January 2013

the first folder

Mum was always great at saving the best of our work when we were younger.  I sat down with Tom and Sophie and showed them a folder of my stories and poems, hoping to inspire them to put pen to paper.  Armed with a ring binder and a wad of foolscap paper, Sophie set to work.  I just had to share her story with you - I particularly love the part where it says 'no buts in this family'... wonder where she may have heard that?
The busy kitchen table where all the action happens!  The book covered in butterfly wrapping paper is from when I was 9 years old, full of interesting facts about me and pictures of my family.  I still adore that paper and can't believe my luck that mum chose something so beautiful to adorn that precious keepsake.
Sophie was intrigued I told her she could decorate her folder - both inside and out.  Usually she's told not to draw on this or that, but this time, she's been given free rein.  Now we just have to find some stickers to complete the job - I'm hoping not to find it lathered in 'Sophie loves so and so' just yet!

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