Monday, 21 January 2013


I made the most of our un-netted trampoline and took some fun action shots of Tom and Soph.  It was just a matter of click-click-clicking away, then on to the computer to edit out the blurry ones.  I knelt right down by the edge of the trampoline so I could emphasise their respective flights into the air, as they jumped higher and higher.  The net is now back on - I managed to only put the base of the trampoline back together after we moved and had to wait for a quiet moment with Joe around to tackle the net.

We're delighted with the trampoline - a freebie spotted by my friend around the corner from where we were renting last year.  My friend, plus the person giving away the trampoline and I carried it down the road to our house.  I think if I tighten my muscles just so, they are still sore all these months later!!

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