Saturday, 19 January 2013

saturday morning

We've been out around the town organising bits and pieces for the new garden.  We've had fences go up this week and now have a fixed area to start creating our own outdoor space.  Until we have gates on each side, we will block off the garden with lattice panels, to be delivered on Monday.  I can't wait to be able to have the kids out the back, knowing that Jono particularly won't be disappearing off down the road - and to be able to put Minnie out for a run, how exciting!  And to be able to start planting garden beds out is also very exciting - here are some salvia and geranium cuttings waiting to take root.
 We took much inspiration from the local Butter Factory which has beautiful, rambling landscaped grounds.  I will show more pictures over the next few days - I just love these old scales!  I can sense more op shopping coming on, trying to find the right vintage pieces to soften the newness of our house and garden.
The Butter Factory also provided the perfect backdrop for some photos of the kids - Jono sporting the usual lumps and bumps on his head!  He was very excitedly clutching a handful of flowers - we were not so excited about him traipsing through garden beds to get them!  I hope nobody was having a sleep in there this morning, as our kids would have soon woken them up.

Hope you're having a lovely Saturday too!


  1. Exciting to start your garden from scratch - enjoy!

    1. It is very exciting Elli, so much to consider though!!

  2. Ahhh! Just the thought of making your own garden from scratch...