Thursday, 3 January 2013

meet rudolph

This is our only reindeer left standing.  The others have toppled off shelves and lost legs and antlers in unsuccessful attempts to fly back to the North Pole.  Rudolph and his buddies were part of our presents in the crafty Kris Kringle last year and have managed to decorate our kitchen all year - the result of absolutely no storage space in the house we were renting.  Would you believe I found more Christmas supplies today?!  The kids' stockings turned up in a box of wool... just in time to be put away again!
We've had mixed efforts at school holiday activities today.  Sophie worked for a while on her babushka paper mache kit, but the session ended prematurely with some, shall we say, behavioural differences...!
Jono had his painting induction and had such a lovely time smooshing the paint together - I used a sacrificial soap dish to hold paint, not able to find anything else at the time.  Tom meanwhile earned himself $1.00 by folding up all the washing and helping me hang out another load - amazing what the incentive of pocket money can do!
I managed to crochet one row of my very slow rug, pattern from the very clever Lucy at Attic 24.  I started quite some time ago, however don't usually get much done before my hand gets sore.  It was so satisfying to see a small touch of progress and I've decided to leave it out on the couch now to inspire me to do more.
Minnie's just hanging out, looking cute and playing with the kids' toys when they're not looking.  Bus ride anyone?!

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