Wednesday, 16 January 2013

lucy and lucy's crochet granny stripe blanket

Last year I started this granny stripe blanket, pattern courtesy of the very colourful and talented Lucy over at Attic24... which should explain the title of this post!  Unfinished, it's been sitting in a cupboard along with the bag of delicious Zara wool, which makes up the rug apart from the white bits (more on that later).  When we moved in to the 33rd house, I thought it would be better to bring the blanket out in to the living room - this way, I could do a couple of rows at a time, without the big push that usually brings on a cramping hand.
It turns out that the blanket has started to grow!  Just seeing it there on our very bright, hot pink couch, makes me remember why I loved the pop of colours from the wool and how excited I was when I started out on this very long crochet journey.  It's also been fantastic to do something that stills my mind after such a busy time.  As with Lucy, I started out with a foundation chain of 240.  This makes a double bed sized blanket, however I think ours will remain on the couch!
We're all loving having it out to use, perfect for tired children to snuggle up against, even on these very hot days!  I've used the colours randomly, inspired by Paul Smith - whose stripes drive me wild - and by a Mexican fiesta - go figure!  It just seems such a happy blanket, shrieking of celebration.  When I finish, I will use the white to border it, can't remember exactly the edging pattern, will check with mum and let you know when I am at that stage...  which probably won't be for a while!

Oh and the white?  It's one I had already from Bendigo Woollen Mills.  It's nice of its own accord, however it is very different from the Zara wool and will wear differently.  I definitely won't combine different wools again, but I was too far in to this project before I realised my error.  Whilst the Zara wool was expensive, it is absolutely beautiful and I would love to use it again for such a special blanket.


  1. Wow, love your granny stripe Lucy, it's certainly happy and I think the white sets off all the beautiful colours perfectly.
    Jacquie x

    1. HI Jacquie,

      Thank you for your lovely message! I'm glad you see the happiness in my blanket, it is just turning out so well. I'm glad I decided to bring it out of hiding and that we are enjoying it day to day, rather than just waiting til it's finished.