Sunday, 13 January 2013

home making

Bit by bit, it's beginning to look like home around here.  We're pulling lamps, paintings and assorted knick knacks from cardboard boxes and putting our own stamp on the 33rd house.  At the end of last year, mum had Sophie and Tom do some paintings at her house.  She bought frames from the op shop and painted them all white, then framed the kids' paintings for their Christmas presents.  Sophie's newsreader would make a bright addition to the evening news!
I just love the colours against the stark white of the frames.  It also makes me eager to hurry up and put up the rest of our own paintings around the house.  Now comes the fun task of working out where to put everything.  Thanks to an enormously talented bunch of family and friends, we have no shortage of paintings to fill the walls.  It's just a matter of taking the time to work out what goes best where - a job to do without the kids around, so nothing gets broken!
I think I'll have to buy some bigger frames and ask Sophie to paint some larger pictures for the rest of the house!  Tom's painting is stunning too - I will save it for a blog post of its own.  It's funny how much I'm enjoying Sophie's very girly room.  I was a real tom boy when I was younger - didn't wear pink and wasn't really in to dolls.  When we lived in Melbourne, I used to hang out with the boys from down the street.  I was right up there with most things they did, but drew the line at cricket.  I used to turn cartwheels on the oval to register my boredom.  Over 30 years later, cricket still makes me want to turn cartwheels - the boys are watching it at the moment.

Hang on a moment while I limber up...


  1. I have to admit that I am so jealous of Sophie and tom's paintings. When are you going to start putting holes in the walls. The sponge cake recipe came from the Malvern primary clock book and is naturally gluten free which is a bit of a win.

    1. Holes in wall as soon as possible! Will have to get recipe from Anna, looks delish!