Monday, 7 January 2013


We woke this morning to cries from children exasperated to find there wasn't any weetbix, we'd run out of dried fruit for their homemade muesli and the milk was running low.  I wasn't keen on taking Joe to work - 20 minutes from town - just to have the car, so I resigned myself to thinking I'd have to wait until this afternoon to get supplies.  The fruit bowl filled with Christmas decorations as we took down the tree, whilst I formed an outrageous plan...
Home delivery!  Our locally owned supermarket delivers for only $2.20 - today I would have paid double that (okay, even $10 - probably more).  I emailed the list through, only to find there was only one delivery today and it wouldn't be until after 4pm, close to when Joe gets home anyway...  It didn't take me long to reconcile this fact and realise it would save me the effort and save Joe from being dumped with tired, housebound kids as soon as he walked through the door.
The groceries arrived just after 4pm and the kids and I had a delicious gorge of fruit salad, then I set to work roasting veges and making salads for dinner.  I can't tell you what a treat it was to have the whole week's worth of food and other necessities delivered straight to our door...  Trying to keep out of the heat has become a habit of mine over the past few stinking hot days and one I plan to continue.  This hot little boy didn't sleep today and ended up going to bed early, grumpy and overtired.  And just think what a trip to the supermarket might have done to him!  And me!

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