Wednesday, 30 January 2013

brickwork apprentice

 I had a chance last week to go through our budget and face a few cold, hard realities.  The work we've been wanting to do in our garden has to be put on hold.  A particularly major part of our plans is to deck our alfresco area.  This, like the rest of the jobs, has been put on the back burner.  I had a moment of clarity on the weekend and realised we could use the left over bricks from the house to make a patio area, solving the problem of a sandy, low patch and giving us an undercover outdoor area all in one.

I thought that adopting a criss-cross type of pattern (officially known as basket weave, thanks to my old mate google) would lessen the need to keep straight lines.  It looks very...  handmade... but that's why we're here isn't it?!  We had sand left over from the mortar of the house and it needed to be put to use.  I'd also had it pegged for top-dressing the lawn/dust patch, but I had to prioritise.  The string line seen towards the top 2/3 of the picture was a late addition, and I'm not sure quite how straight everything will be once it settles in.  As per usual, we're doing it a bit backwards - should have made a nice firm sand bed first, but we kept telling ourselves it would be a temporary fix.  I'm now thinking it could be 12 months...  anyhoo!

Eventually the bricks will be replaced by decking with boxed in steps coming off it, like the ones above.  This is a great place not only for shoes, but people.  We had a lovely christening of the space over Christmas time with family...  seems like just yesterday!  By the way, the chairs in the top two pictures are new finds from the - wait for it - tip!  There is a shed there filled with things the op shop has rejected and we've been having a lovely time there!  A kennel for Minnie, old birdcages to grow climbers through, large wire baskets...  I will have to show some of my finds in another post.  Anyway, the chairs are quite grotty and will need some cleaning and covering, but they are very comfortable!

School returned today and I am looking forward to getting in to a routine again, plus sorting out the last untouched room since we moved in to the new house - my office... wish me luck!

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