Sunday, 9 December 2012

the great christmas decoration mystery of 2012

I've been packing boxes over the past couple of days and there's been a distinct lack of Christmas decorations in the sideboards I've emptied.  All this time, I've been confident that they were in a particular couple of drawers, ready to be packed in the car.  I would then take them straight to the new house, thus satisfying the needs of our expectant children who see decorations going up around town and wonder why ours is the last house to 'get Christmas'.  Now, they may have to wait slightly longer...

Are they in the garage?  The trunk in our bedroom?  Or did they go to nana and pa's shed when I sent boxes down there?  (A misguided attempt to be slightly minimalistic until we moved into the new house.  It didn't work of course - the stuff in our house has bred since then and we have things coming out of our ears - despite the attempts at culling and sending things to the op shop... help!)

Anyway, I'll puzzle over this for the rest of the day - hopefully they will turn up or I'll be searching the shed this evening when we go to pick up the kids.

Oh and ps. Hi mum!  This only took a few minutes, I swear!  Hope the kids are going well and behaving for you!!!  Love you xoxoxo.

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