Saturday, 1 December 2012

the chrisfast season

This year, money's tight in the lead up to Christmas.  No different to usual... except for the gallons of money that are leaking out of our account.  They're being spent on exciting things such as spreading top soil around our house and putting fences up to contain our wild beasts from the neighbourhood.  We've forewarned the kids that they'll be receiving one present each from us and then whatever Santa brings - and I've heard his budget is even tighter than ours!

Which all means we're on a Christmas fast - not fasting from Christmas, per se, but the big Christmas splurge.  And my birthday, right in the middle of it all, is far from exempt.  A couple of days ago, Sophie sidled up to me and said she knew what she was getting me for Christmas.  Curious - and not one for surprises - I pressed for more information.

"A new house!" she said, delighted with herself.

It seems the Chrisfast message is getting through!  We will take our presents where find them - in the building of a new house, in the new garden hoses necessary to keep our plants alive and water the remaining dust bowl, in the removalist coming to carry our possessions to the 33rd house.

All are gifts in a different form, but just as welcome - if not more - this year as any other.

Merry Chrisfast everyone!


  1. Hi Lucy,
    found you via Kate and I'm enjoying your posts so much.
    Good luck with the move ....very exciting :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. HI Jacquie

    It's lovely to have you here! Thank you for reading - it's a very exciting time and fun being back in the blogging world!