Sunday, 2 December 2012

succulent christmas wreath

I frantically finished my succulent Christmas wreath yesterday morning, for our homemade Kris Kringle gifts.  A now annual tradition of sharing homegrown, homemade or home baked gifts with lovely friends we have made.  I started my wreath using grapevine from the shed here at our rental.  Once it was thick enough, I twisted aptenia around it and added its flowers at regular intervals.
Mum has aptenia growing along a wall in her garden.  We've had an amazing amount grow from a small cutting I took home.  It's obviously very happy in part shade - it only gets a small blast of afternoon sun where I have it potted and it's gone mad this year.  I also have some growing in a wheelbarrow in full sun and it's done well, but interestingly the leaves are a lighter green.
I have no idea how long the wreath will last - it might just be a piece of ephemera - however I think if it's misted with water, that should keep it going for a while.  I love it against the red background of Sophie's chair - makes me think one will be perfect on our new front door.
And wreath making?  Honestly, easier than you think!  I haven't made one before, mistakenly thinking it too hard.  You just twist the grapevine around and around, poke it amongst itself to hold fast and fill gaps as you go...  too easy!  If I can do it, so can you!


  1. It looks great - hopefully it will keep growing. I guess you could always tuck bits of spagnum moss amongst the grapevine when making it for the roots to attach to also. Love it on the chair.

  2. Thanks Julie for the tip, I will have to let my friend know!