Tuesday, 11 December 2012

room reveal - and the big move!

If you ever hear me saying I'd like to go on 'The Block', please stop me!  Home renovations just aren't much fun.  And without a whole swag of people helping you in the background, it's near impossible to get anything done.  We've been working hard trying to get our rental ready, whilst at the same time doing what we need to move in to the 33rd house.  This is not recommended at all, so you won't find me advocating for taking on multiple projects at once.  Any one of the many things we've been doing this year would have been enough and we look forward to some much needed R&R in 2013.
Our rental was quite the ugly duckling when we took possession, however we could see the bones were there for a beautiful country style cottage.  Our efforts are starting to pay off - as you can see by the results in the top photo.  This 'before' image shows you how we had our work cut out for us.  It's been a huge team effort including Joe, the kids and I.  We've also roped in extras including nana, pa and a very willing and able nephew, not to forget our skilled tradies who are doing the professional work.
There are just a few finishing touches now in the living room - wooden beading around the tiles in the fireplace, then windows and blinds to be cleaned.  We are still painting, having been held up due to Joe being held up helping to build decking at the new house.  I must say that I really need to learn how to slow down and allow for hold ups - anyone going in to a major project needs to factor in more time.  No matter how long you think you have, it's impossible to juggle commitments and expect everything to happen on schedule.
Thankfully this peak period is coming to a close.  Tomorrow is moving day.  I can't believe that after all this time, we will be finally moving in to our first home.  It is just so unbelievably exciting and something I had started to believe would never happen.  It has been such hard work and Joe are I can't wait to have our family nestled under our very own roof.  All is a flutter here, with boxes everywhere and two very excited children who no doubt will take hours to settle down and go to sleep, then Jono who, at nearly 2, is too young to understand.  He just knows there are heaps of things to play with and this really cool stuff on boxes that makes a great noise when you pull it off...  (sticky tape!).  Then there are the parents who are exhausted, running on adrenalin and starting to lose the plot.  Plus the afore mentioned nephew who is helping to keep it all together!

I don't know when I will next have internet, so I will see you around!

Until next time!