Friday, 28 December 2012


Much underrated, I've been loving masses of agapanthus on display in our new home.  Their contrast against the crisp white of our walls is just amazing.  It's been lovely to get my good vases out - made by Joe when he was still potting in Ireland - and have enough room to place them all around the house.
Even just lying on the benchtop, waiting to be arranged into the vases, the aggies look divine.  They would have made a stunning bouquet for a wedding!
And here, on the sideboard, with the beautiful shades in the pottery glaze - superb!  Not to mention the gorgeous bunny cameo which was a present from my sister - clever clogs!  We love it so much, the whole family has requested one each for a portrait wall!  I wonder who will be which animal?!  It will take the whole year to find out, as Kate works through each person's birthdays...

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