Thursday, 6 December 2012

lucy, lucy quite contrary...

how will your garden grow?!  This is the question I've contemplated over the past 11 years, almost as regularly as having our own home!  I was sorting out some paperwork last night and came across my garden lists (note, plural!), including: sunflowers, poppies, lily of the valley, flannel flowers, tuberose, hippeastrums...  
 ... portulaca, jasmine, peonies, gardenias, roses, panicle hydrangea, liriope, clivias, sweet peas, sedum, may bush, coneflowers...
 ... valerian, buddliea, forsythia, philadelphus, hellebores, cosmos, freesias, salvias, nigella, primulas, bluebells...

... and more!  There'll obviously be much trial and error, but it's lovely to think of it all and I can't wait to start the garden.  We have a bob cat and excavator working there today, spreading and levelling top soil, plus clearing the fenceline on both sides, ready for a new fence.  We're hoping the fence will go up before Christmas, but it mightn't happen 'til February!  Argh!  That will be a fun summer holidays with three kids and nearly 50m of open space to each side of them... We'll have to rig up something temporary until then.  Fingers crossed for the Christmas miracle and the fencing crew getting to us sooner!

In anticipation of the garden being levelled off by the end of the day, I've bought some grass seed, hoses and a sprinkler!  All very exciting stuff!  Joe will broadcast the seed and be able to start watering tonight.  It's not ideal to try and establish a lawn at this time of year, however we'll be living in a dust bowl otherwise.  We need to hold our precious topsoil down so it doesn't blow away.

What are your garden favourites?  Have you any suggestions for the garden of the 33rd house?!


  1. I am really looking forward to seeing this garden and all the flowers you mention happening Some lovely old favourites there.

  2. HI Videa,

    I'm looking forward to seeing the garden too! My birthday is coming up and I said to my husband that what I'd love most is a day planting out our new front garden - so hopefully I will have some pictures of that soon!