Monday, 3 December 2012

let me in!

Only two more weeks Jono!  Time is really ticking now, with less than a fortnight to go until the big truck arrives.  There's a faint current of panic rippling through me as I think of everything that needs to be done.  A constant 'to do' list in my mind and a longing for three weeks' time.  By then, we will be in the new house (touch wood!) and settling in to our new lives.

Until then, I'm checking things off...

Blog, check!


  1. Look at him with his big boy teeth. How do you not bite him? Love the wreath - such a fresh christmassy take. xxooxx.

  2. I can see I'll have to keep him away from you! Otherwise he'll be covered in bite marks from both of us! Glad you love the wreath - I will have to make another one for my new front door!