Friday, 7 December 2012

in silhouette

Sophie took Jono's hand and raced off into the shade.  I clicked the camera on and started shooting, hoping to catch them before they ran back out in to the light.  They look like little pop up characters, so perfectly defined, both trying to go in opposite directions.  I love seeing images in silhouette.  When we were younger, mum had a cousin who drew our faces in silhouette.  It involved a slightly complicated set up - we had to sit behind a glass sliding door, with a light shining on us, whilst on the other would be a piece of paper, on which the image was drawn.  We thought it was just magic!  It was the highlight of our visits and I can remember that feeling of just wanting it to be me, please draw me, please!

PS. Jono's adopted very 'shouldery' walking lately - you know that stage toddlers get to, when they keep trying to shrug off your attempts to hold their hand?  It's just hilarious watching him trying to streak off down the street away from me - thankfully he hasn't managed to gather much speed yet, but it's clear I need to get in to training!

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