Monday, 17 December 2012

glittery things

Our tree is covered in the most divine glitter ball inspired baubles.  I spied some in a friend's house last week and she told me she'd found them at the local op shop.  They must have had a supply donated to them, as there were plenty left when I raided the stash a couple of days later.  At 50c for a bag of 6, I didn't hold back - luckily the Chrisfast rules (ie no spending!) didn't have to apply at that price!
We have the most amazing light coming in to the kitchen/living room in the evening.  We purposely chose to have this large room on the western side so we could get that late golden glow and watch the sun go down through the trees.  I enjoy the bedrooms having the light in the morning and it seems appropriate that we follow the arc of the sun as we move through the day.
Beautiful de-stamened lillies - I'm not keen on getting yellow marks on my new rug or crisp white walls!  There are little marks beginning to appear around the house - particularly smeary two year old hand type sizes decorating the windows and sliding door.  Jono's keen for us to achieve that lived in look as soon as possible!

And lest I get away with myself, revelling in my new 'houseness', we have a sickie home today from school.  Something to keep me in check and remind me of the day-to-day normalities!

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