Tuesday, 18 December 2012

cheeky girl...

'I know I shouldn't really be up here, but now you have a bedroom door that closes, I don't have anywhere else to go...'

For the past year, Minnie has been sneaking off and napping in our bedroom - more specifically, in the bed!  The door handle didn't work properly, so there was no way of keeping her out.  She's feeling thwarted by our new bedroom door - one that actually closes!  She's seeking out new places to hang out during the day, but honestly, the couch isn't going to be one of them!


  1. Ha ha! Our dog does that, but she's much bigger, so
    she just kind of lies on it with her paws hanging off. She has another sofa that she definitely is not allowed on, as she tramples on it after her walks .

    1. Verity, Minnie still hasn't got the message. She keeps jumping up, especially when I am on there. And I'm not very good at pushing her off...!