Saturday, 17 November 2012

the garden of the 33rd house - tree dahlias

There are pots around the perimeters of the garden here, waiting to be moved to their new home.  Daphne, basil, succulents, geraniums, lavender and port wine magnolias.  Roses and rose cuttings (perhaps that should be 'cutting' as it looks as though most of them died, so I could just be watering dead sticks and one cutting).
I have many garden favourites, including the tree dahlia (above), whose flowers look like tutus dancing minus the ballerinas.  Until last autumn, it had never been on my radar before.  I mustn't have spent enough time looking at the gardens in town, as they really are everywhere.  Tree dahlias grow ever taller, often toppling over in the wind before their flowers are finished.  I took cuttings of this one, but I think they were too woody and didn't last.  I will need to track down a healthy young plant for the garden of the 33rd house - it's non-negotiable!


  1. dig up a bit of tuber from the bottom. looks beautiful.

  2. Argh! There's new growth shooting - must try cutting some and not killing it!