Sunday, 18 November 2012

hollyhock light

I love the transparency of hollyhock petals, especially in the late afternoon light.  Yesterday Joe and I were working on our rental and I took the camera along to get some shots of the newly varnished wooden floors.  As I walked into the garden, I was distracted - for more than a moment - by the light streaming on to the hollyhocks.
I surprised this bee, dusty with pollen.
The next moment it was gone, looking for an uninterrupted feed.
These other hollyhocks are already taller than me (no mean feat, but nonetheless impressive!).  Here they are reaching up into the sky - can you believe that blue?!
The petals are much more ruffled than the pink variety and I can't see anything similar in my quick google search, leading to my unqualified opinion that they must be quite rare!
Regardless, I won't trust these hollyhocks to seed collection alone - I will be digging them up and taking them with me to the garden of the 33rd house.

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