Tuesday, 27 November 2012

garden favourites: wintersweet - on the list!

I could never fill in a top 10 of plant for the garden, because there would be too many to choose from.  Instead, over the years, I've made an ever growing list (pardon the pun!) of plants from magazines and books and gardens I've visited.  As it will be summer when we move in to the house, we won't jump straight in and plant out the whole garden.  Vegetables are a must, however, and I have seedlings in pots ready to move in to bigger beds.  There are also the potted plants I've referred to before.
In the meantime, I'm thinking, planning and dreaming of the garden in its entirety.  Wintersweet is a family favourite.  It's heavily fragranced and covered in stunning, waxy flowers during the winter.  There's a huge wintersweet tree in the front garden where we rent.  None of us could believe our luck and we spent the winter snipping off its branches and bringing it inside.  Mum went mad over it and I think she visited more during that time than any other!


  1. I know! I just want to dig it up and take it with me - the whole thing!