Wednesday, 28 November 2012

from the desk of sophie - meet colin

The AFL (Australian Football League) is big news around this house - with the menfolk anyway!  Sophie's only interest is through the acquisition of footy cards, the number of which determines who has the most bragging rights.  Tom's on a winner there, with a collection spanning the past few years (peaking at birthdays, if that counts).  He's mad on re-drawing the footy cards, which involves copying a small playing card size picture and expanding it to A4.  But of course, when he does something, Sophie soon follows.  This is Colin Sylvia, who I'm sure will be delighted to have been immortalised by my daughter.

IN other news...

* Boxes packed - 3 large, 2 small

* Hedges clipped - 1

* Roses deadheaded - can't count!

* Garden beds weeded - 3

* Worn out, tired and exhausted people - 2 large, 3 small

2013, you can't get here soon enough!