Wednesday, 14 November 2012

babushka cake and party favours

Last year I went all out for Sophie's party, making these cute basbushkas in a flurry of last minute activity.  I thought it would be something fun we could do together, but she lost interest after...  two minutes or so.  Between the dolls and the cake, you will understand why 12 months later, we opted for a simple cake and a handful of friends over for afternoon tea!
I made a babushka for every guest.  This formed two activities for the party - first a treasure hunt around the garden and then each girl decorated their own doll's face.  This treasure pictured was Sophie's.
I searched the internet for images of babushka birthday cakes.  In the end, I merged two of the best, then altered them to my own design.  She was a beautiful girl and it was sad to eat her - thankfully she was as delicious as she looked, so the pain was soothed in no time at all.


  1. I am so enjoying reading your blog and love your photos. Sophie's babuscka dolls were just fantastic and all the children loved being able to draw their own faces. Can't believe the difference a year makes..So grown up now she has been to school for a year. Love

  2. Thanks Mrs A! She certainly is very grown up - 6 going on.... ?!

  3. The dolls are GORGEOUS Lucy! I love the idea of the kids putting on their own faces. BUT I do feel your pain - making lots of stuff like that is exhausting!

    Great cake too!!! x

    1. Thanks Bron! I was originally going to sew their faces, but when I worked out the time it would take, I thought of the drawing idea!! They actually had a treasure hunt around the garden first to find them, then the drawing formed another activity! Thanks re the cake, it was a matter of searching images, then making it my own!